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Evangelist Ronda Moore

After graduating from Bible School in 1988, Ronda has been  in full time ministry for 35 years.She is a popular speaker for conferences and has traveled into 44  nations of the world speaking and conducting Revival services.


Pastor Mike Gates is our Outreach/Evangelism Pastor. Currently, Pastor Mike is steadfastly pastoring a church in Kilmarnock, Virginia and is actively involved in Prison Ministry. Pastor Mike faithfully joins our team and supports the Voice of Revival mandate. With extensive training in Prison Ministry, during our busy itinerate schedule, Pastor Mike travels with Voice of Revival and teaches congregations and individuals about outreach and Evangelism and shows them how to “take it to the streets”.


Chris is a very successful businessman. He accompanies Moore’s ministry extensively in the USA and into many Nations of the World. He assists our ministry team in training altar workers and providing security & procedures for churches.



Sarah is our administrative assistant, helping us in day to day operations. She has completed two years of ministerial training at River Bible Institute and is working on her third-year internship to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree.