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What is a Partner? Someone who is committed to this ministry’s common purpose and vision; “Jesus in every nation, Jesus in every city, Jesus in every heart.”

As a partner, you are affecting eternity by making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world. By faithfully supporting this ministry’s vision, the Word of God is reaching out and touching the hearts and lives of countless souls. In addition, according to 1 Samuel 30:24, you also share in the same reward as the one who is going into battle. They both share-alike. As a partner, you also become partakers of the same anointing and blessings that are on this ministry.

For those not currently partnering with us, let me encourage you to become a monthly partner. As a non-profit ministry, we are totally supported by the prayers and financial support of God’s people.

We will never use financial pressure tactics, make any emotional pleas, or send gimmicks through the mail to ask for ministry support. We support  various proven anointed ministries that are making an impact on the world.

In conclusion, we appreciate all of our many friends and partners who cheerfully and faithfully support this ministry financially. You enable us to take Jesus into every nation, Jesus into every city, and Jesus into every heart.


Voice Of Revival Ministry Vision

The Lord has impressed upon our hearts many strategic plans and goals that extend over the next several years. Time is short and the work we are entrusted by God to do, we must do quickly.

Some time ago, I heard this phrase repeated in my spirit, “JESUS IN EVERY NATION, JESUS IN EVERY CITY, JESUS IN EVERY HEART.” With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will continue spreading the gospel until Jesus comes back for His church. This will be our mission.

Furthermore, we see several ways that this vision of reaching nations, cities, and hearts across the globe will be activated. However, this vision will only be fulfilled thru what we do corporately as the body of Christ. In the years to come, we are believing God while we will continue to conduct crusades broadcast the Gospel via various telecommunication methods such as television, internet, radio, and books.


Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7