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Tag: Ronda Moore

2022 North East Women of Valor Summit

October 21-22 New Life Church 60 Mayhew Manor Rd Greenville ,Maine 04441   Friday Night 7:00 pm Saturday @9:30-11:30 Break for Lunch Saturday@1:30-3:30   Special Guests Speakers: Evangelist Ronda Moore Pastor Gail Howell    

Parkersburg,West Virginia

Octobert 12 Downtown Bethel Equiping Center 517 Market street Parkersburg, West Virginia   Special Guest: Evangelist Ronda Moore   Wednesday 7:00 pm


After being hearing inpaired for many years. Evangelist Ronda Moore prayed for my ears and immediately they popped open. Forever grateful for this Ministry!Betty Marcie

Healings Rivers

September 15-17 Healing Ministries of Greensboro Retreat Limited Spaces Register through Church Office by Sept 8th 336-272-9910   Guest Speaker: Ronda Moore Thursday Night 7:00pm Friday Night 7:00pm Saturday 10:00am   Pastor Carolyn Lee