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8 years of Victory!

Still walking in the Victory after 8 years ago receiving her Miracle in her body!

When you came and visited us in Germany three years ago, a lady was healed of a bad back. I met her 2 weeks ago and found out more about it.(Pastor Arnold) On February 27, 1997 she fell off of a 6 foot ladder. She hit the floor so hard, she went deaf for 7 to 10 minutes. When it first happened, her pain was so severe, she had to sleep in her bathtub and could only get around her apartment by crawling. They wanted to operate and put a 15 cm rod in her back, but she would not let them. She had to take 40 different medicines a day. Sometimes she would pass out because of the meds. She could not even carry 2 pounds of weight.

When it came time to pray for her, you lightly touched her and said, “Never the same!” She fell to the floor and was healed that night! She had no pain as she drove home, no pain preparing food after the service, and slept through the night pain free. She has been free ever since. Glory to God!